Tree Surgery

Felling/dismantling – When a tree gets too big for its surroundings, or becomes diseased or dies, unfortunately it will require felling or dismantling. Where felling is not possible (due to targets on the ground or close proximity to properties), we will aim to dismantle trees in the safest and most efficient way using state of the art equipment. Our aim is to take the tree down, rather than let you, as the customer, down.


Crown reductions – Where a tree gets too big for its surroundings or becomes structurally unsound, rather than felling it we are also able to reduce the tree in height and spread so that sail area is reduced, allowing the tree to maintain better structural form, and/or allowing more light into the area below.


Crown thinning – Where a tree is structurally unsound, or there is limited sunlight penetration through the canopy, it may be applicable to thin the canopy. This involves removing second and third order limbs from the inner canopy to reduce sail area and allow better sunlight penetration.


Hedge trimming – Whether it’s a newly planted Lleylandii hedge, or a mature Beech hedge, unfortunately they all require maintenance. Here at Sub Arb we specialise in maintaining hedges to a high standard whether its formative pruning of a new hedge, or annual maintenance of an established one.


All our prices will include the removal from waste from site as standard. Should you wish to keep any timber then we are more than happy to cut it to your required lengths.

Stump Grinding

Once the tree has been taken down, what’s left is a stump cut to ground level. This can then lead to suckering from the old stump, creating a whole new problem. Should you wish to use that area for anything such as developing, the stump will need to be removed. Here at Sub Arb we can help: we operate a wide range of stump removal equipment to ensure that the roots are removed to your standards.

Site Clearance

Here at Sub Arb we hold over ten years experience of site clearance. We will utilise the best equipment for the job, whether it involves whole tree chippers, forestry mulchers, or tub grinders to carry out the work to an efficient and safe standard. Our experience on building sites means that we are familiar with the relevant legislation and our health and safety policy is based around this. All our sites are safe, professional, and meticulously planned…because we love it when a plan comes together!


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Tree Surveys

Both Matt and Neil are qualified to a level 3 standard, and as such we are able to carry out tree surveys as a service. Where a tree is deemed to be of high amenity or in a sensitive area, a tree survey may be required. We will assess the trees’ health using our wealth of experience and knowledge, and may use other decay detection techniques if necessary (Picus tomograph or resistograph). We will then supply the findings in a professional report, of which you will receive a hard copy and an electronic.

We are also able to carry out BS5837 surveys: trees in relation to construction. If you are planning to develop, part of the planning stipulations may be that a BS5837 survey is necessary in order to protect some of the surrounding trees. We are able to offer this service using state of the art software to provide a professional product that will stand up to scrutiny from local authorities, so that hopefully you as the customer, are able to achieve your building goals.

We carry professional indemnity insurance up to £1m.

Local Authority Liaison

Where a tree is covered by a tree preservation order (TPO) or is in a conservation area, permission must be sought from the local authority. Here at Sub Arb we are more than happy to carry out this service so that you don’t have to, and usually it will be free of charge!